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Craftsmen's Fall Classics are HERE!!

Posted by Di Ann Daffer on 10/8/2015
What would FALL be without the Craftsmen's Fall Classic shows?!?! We love doing these wonderful shows with all the other fine artists that are juried by Gilmore shows! These shows are cram-packed with some of the finest artists from all over the US. The first show will be this weekend (Oct 9-11) in Roanoke, VA at the Berglund Center. Our booth number is #2202, so drop by and say hi! Admission is free this weekend with a food donation to benefit Feed America Southwest Virginia. The link for details of this show is: 

Then next week (Oct 16-18), we will follow many of these friends/artists to Chantilly, VA near Washington, DC for yet another great Fall Classic. The Chantilly show was listed this year by Sunshine Artist magazine as the #2 Arts and Crafts show in the US out of the Top 200! This is one you surely DON'T want to miss!! It is held in the Dulles Expo Center. The link for details of this show is: 

We are also fortunate enough to be in two of their three Christmas Shows.  October 30-Nov 1 brings the first of our two Craftsmen's Christmas Shows with a great selection of gift ideas in Richmond, VA at the Richmond Raceway Complex. Two large buildings are filled to the max with more of the same great artists. This show will be followed the next weekend (November 6-8) by the Columbia, SC Craftsmen's Christmas Show at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. 

So there you have it! Four great shows brought to you by the Craftsmen's Classics! Four chances to see what we and all of our artists/friends have to bring to you!! Come see what I'm talking about! 

Are we coming to your town soon?? To find out, check out our Festival Calendar at:

Top 200 Shows in the US...and we're part of them!

Posted by Di Daffer on 8/30/2015

It is a goal of artists to be accepted into well-acclaimed, popular arts and crafts shows each year.  While rankings are certainly not the "end-all-cure-all" to a successful show, it is a good determining factor in our choices when filling out applications.  The “Sunshine Artist Magazine” released their TOP 200 Shows of 2015—“Top 100 Fine Art and Design Shows in the US”, and “Top 100 Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows in the US”.  These rankings are determined by many factors.  Everything is considered from the attendance count and public participation at the show, to the artist input about sales, artist amenities, show staff helpfulness, etc., and also the weather is a consideration.  We have been privileged to participate in several of these nationally ranked shows this year.


In March, we participated in two Craftsmen’s Spring Classics that were ranked in the “Top 100 Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows in the US”.  Their Richmond, Virginia show (Mar 13-15) ranked #23, and the Chantilly, Virginia show (March 20-22) placed an awesome #16!


July 10-13, we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary (where has the time gone?!) with our wonderful friends in Michigan for the Art in the Park show in Plymouth!  This fabulous show snagged a top ranking of #4 in the US!  The end of July (July 31-Aug 2), we enjoyed some beach time with friends (gotta love our job!) and participated in the Craftsmen’s Summer Classic in Myrtle Beach which ranked #35 in the TOP 100.


August took us to the beautiful village of Milford, Michigan for a fantastic show August 7-9 with our Michigan buddies, and this show ranked #58.


This Fall will take us to some beautiful locations and some amazing shows.  Sept 10-13, we will participate in the very fun Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain, Georgia near Atlanta.  This show garnered the ranking of #5 this year!


We cover October with 6 shows in a row! Ranked #8 in the “TOP 100 Fine Art and Design Shows” (our only Fine Arts show this year) is St. James Court Art Show (October 2-4) in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky. This show is set in the old part of Louisville, and our booth is in front of the very old and ornate West End Baptist Church on Magnolia Street.  We think that’s very appropriate for Christian jewelry, don’t you?


October will also take us back to the Craftsmen’s group for their Fall Classics.  Their Roanoke, Virginia show (October 9-11) ranked an impressive #13 this year, and their Chantilly, Virginia show (October 16-18) hopped to the top of the list as #2 in the U.S.!!!  Just FABULOUS Craftsmen’s!  The end of October (October 23-25), we will be back home sleeping in our own bed and seeing our friends at the Oklahoma City Affair of the Heart which ranked #17!  But we won’t be home for long because October 30-November 1 we will attend the #7 ranked Craftsmen’s Fall Classic in Richmond, Virginia! I’m telling you, the Craftsmen’s shows are kicking it up this year!  From Richmond, we will head on down the road to Columbia, South Carolina for yet another Craftsmen’s Fall Classic on November 6-8, and this one is ranked #36!


Our travels take us many miles, to beautiful places and wonderful people.  Great shows make it even better!  By the end of this year, we will have participated in 19 shows and have covered several thousand miles…….all so worth it!  Thanks so much for sharing our journey!

Downtown Edmond Arts Festival - May 1-3, 2015

Posted by Administrator on 4/28/2015

Over 100 artists exhibit and sell their works of art at the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival each year.  This year is the 36th year for this fine art festival.  Come to this event in the heart of charming downtown Edmond, OK and browse through booths filled with paintings, sculpture, jewelry, pottery and more.  This free event also features delicious festival food, fun activities for the kids and live musical entertainment. 


Stroll through the historic streets of Edmond making your way through the artist booths, enjoying street entertainers or simply watching as the kids have a blast.  Pick your favorite specialty foods such as Indian tacos, barbecue, catfish, corn dogs or cotton candy and find a seat at the tables near the music stage where you can enjoy your meal to the sounds of live entertainment. 


The Downtown Edmond Arts Festival features dozens of individual artists' booths that stretch for several city blocks.  Renowned Oklahoma artists as well as regional artists attend each year and bring many of their works.  This is a juried show, and first, second and third place will receive cash prizes. 


This will be the sixth year that David Daffer Designs has been exhibiting at this excellent fine arts show.  The Downtown Edmond Art Festival was our first outdoor festival to exhibit at.  We enjoy visiting and reconnecting with the many customers who have followed us on our journey through showing at arts festival across the country.  If you aren’t able to attend the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival, please visit our website for a wide selection of our solid, nickel-free sterling silver jewelry.  All of our jewelry is manufactured and produced in the USA.  

Arts and Crafts/Fine Arts Shows vs Gift Shows

Posted by Di Ann Daffer/David Daffer Designs on 4/11/2015
Have you ever noticed that some arts festivals are called "Gift Show" and some are called "Arts and Crafts Show" or "Fine Arts Show"? Did you ever wonder what the difference is--or if there WAS a difference?? There is! At an "Arts and Crafts Show" or a "Fine Arts Show", each booth is a display of that artist's work. Each booth is a unique and proud display of ingenuity and hard work. Most items are made in the USA, though there are exceptions. At these shows, you will frequently see the artist demonstrating their craft in the booth. A "Gift Show" includes those handcrafted arts from the "Arts and Crafts Show" or "Fine Arts Show", but there are also mingled among those booths "buy-sell" items. "Buy-sell" consists of items that have been purchased from a wholesale market, or are being represented by a person working for a company and the items are generally mass-produced, and some not USA made.

The Symbol of Love

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 4/10/2015
For millions, the shape of the heart is recognized as the symbol of love. It is the symbol found on the Valentine’s Day cards, love letters, and even tattoos.

Quotes on Pendants: A Great Means of Inspiration and Motivation

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 2/19/2015

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, chances are you encounter different inspirational quotes every now and then. You'll also see these quotes on various media surrounding you every day--- books, shirts, posters, and more. Indeed these are simple yet effective sources of motivation and hope, and can remind you of good things in the midst of life's everyday challenges.

When you have a constant reminder of what you should be focusing on or what you need to do to feel better and be more successful, you get to have that extra push to keep on going despite tough times. What better way to enjoy this than to have your favorite quote and symbol imprinted on a pendant that you can wear around your neck all the time! You may also opt to give such a gift to someone special, especially one whom you know will appreciate and benefit from the meaningful words on the pendant.

Sterling Silver Chains at David Daffer Designs

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 2/9/2015
Working in premium quality sterling silver, David Daffer combines elements of elegance and inspiration to develop special jewelry creations that are as distinctive as they are breathtaking. Addressing design themes like Faith and Love, as well as an incredible line of Firefighter pendants and charms, they are perfect as a gift for someone special or as a well-deserved treat for yourself.

David Daffer Designs Ready to Meet Its Fans at ‘An Affair of the Heart’ Festival in Oklahoma City, OK from Feb 6 to 8, 2015

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 2/1/2015
David Daffer Designs is thrilled to be able to be an official vendor at this year's "An Affair of the Heart" craft festival that will take place in Oklahoma City February 6, 7, and 8, 2015. 

Join David Daffer Designs at An Affair of the Heart Festival from Feb 6 - 8, 2015

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 1/12/2015
From February 6th through the 8th, David Daffer Designs will have many pieces on display for purchase during the “An Affair of the Heart” celebration which will be held at the State Fair Park on General Pershing Boulevard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Understanding the Firefighter Pendant Imagery

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 1/7/2015

If you visit the Firefighter Pendants section of our website, you'll notice that there are some truly spectacular designs that have been created to reflect the character and spirit of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to battle the flames and keep our communities safe. However, if you aren't actually a firefighter, some of the imagery contained in these pendants may be unfamiliar to you. So, as a short and casual primer, here is a little breakdown of a few of the primary symbols used in the firefighter pendants.

Saint Florian - The Patron Saint of Firefighters

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 1/2/2015
It’s not that uncommon for organizations, trades, and professions, to have their own patron saint. In fact, it’s not that uncommon for a single trade to have more than one patron saint, or for a single saint to be considered a patron of a number of different trades and activities. It’s easy to understand how this came to be - people needed to pray to someone, to have someone look over them from up above. This was especially important for dangerous professions, like seafarers, soldiers, and - firefighters.

Cleaning and Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 12/24/2014
Sterling silver’s popularity is on the rise, to the extent, it is being called “the new gold,” and more people are buying the precious metal online for custom gifts and personal day-to-day wear.

Celebrate Christmas with a Sterling Silver Cross Pendant

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 12/15/2014
Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas with a gift to self or family and friends with the sacred representation of Jesus.  The very name of Jesus holds great power and translates to “salvation.”  This can be affirmed in the 1st book of Matthew.  Too often we become lost in the over-commercialization of this religious event forgetting the real spiritual reasons why the holiday is celebrated.  A spiritual gift this Christmas affirms our belief in the only way to salvation – Jesus.  Remember to cherish your loved ones this holiday with a gift which renews faith and will be treasured for years to come.

Endearing Pendant Symbols – Making a Statement Using Pendant Necklaces

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 11/26/2014

Pendants can add styling and character into any piece of jewelry, thanks to a variety of designs and sizes available. Taken from the French term ‘pendre’ which means to hang down, these jewelry items have become popular accents for necklaces and as jewelry pieces throughout history. 

The Ichthus Symbol and its Significance to Christianity

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 10/22/2014
Christianity was not always a faith one professed openly in public. Being known as a Christian would have meant torture, if not certain death. So there must be a symbol for Christians at the time to affirm and communicate their belief to one another without inviting punishment. That symbol was ‘fish.’

3 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Firefighters

Posted by David Daffer Designs on 10/18/2014
Perhaps there's a firefighter that you would like to honor, thank, or show your love and support for. Sure, it may be easy to pick out a random gift for him or her, as you would do for anyone else. However, if you really would like for your present to be highly appreciated and to truly make an impact, it's essential to come up with a meaningful gift such as the ideas given below.

What A Custom Jewelry Design Says About You

Posted by David on 9/25/2014
So a special occasion is approaching, whether it be an anniversary, a birthday or just a present, you’ve got a responsibility to find something that will be stunning and memorable but also special and unique. That’s why more and more people are choosing to have custom jewelry designs made for their significant other. A custom design is not like the same old thing you buy in any store, it says something about you and how you feel that is totally unique and special while still being elegant and old-fashioned. So what does a custom piece say about you?

Hold Your Family Close To Your Heart

Posted by David on 9/24/2014
When you have children, you want to keep them close to you even when they are not in your proximity. They are the most precious of everything else in your life.

Welcome To David Daffer's Design Blog

Posted by David on 9/8/2014
Welcome and we are sincerely glad you are here. This is the place where we will be showcasing and highlighting David’s creations, put the spotlight on new releases, best sellers, or special deals. In addition, the blog will focus on jewelry insights, care and other art-related notions and issues, including fashion tips and techniques and other industry news and commentary.